Follow these steps to setup synchronization with Android calendar to import events which have conference call details, like conference code and PIN code (if phone numbers are part of the appointment they will also be found):
  1. Select 'Settings and Tools' from main screen
  2. Press the 'Calendar Settings'
  3. Select date interval ('From' and 'Today plus') that the program search each appointment for conference call details
  4. Select default country program should assume the identified phone numbers are for. If the phone number includes country code (e.g. +46 for Sweden) this will be used
  5. Make sure the check box for 'Enable Automatic Synchronization' is checked. If you do not select this you can still do synchronizations manually from the calendar view
  6. Select the Android calendars you want the program to synchronize with
  7. Done!

Calendar Settings

Picture lable: Calendar Settings

Advanced settings

Diffrent pre-installed search patterns are added at installation of program but you may discover that the program does not find all events which you would expect. They you can customize existing search patterns or add new one to improve the identidication of events.

Follow these steps to add new search pattern:
  1. From 'Calendar Settings' select the 'Search Patterns' tab
  2. Press the '+' button
  3. Select pattern type to use, recommend to select 'Advanced search' which gives highest control
  4. Give the pattern a name
  5. Select the conference type you want this particular search pattern match found input to
  6. Add key words for each input the conference type expects data
  7. Press OK and you are done!

Search Patterns

Picture lable: Search Patterns for finding conference details in Android events. Matching events are added to Conference Caller Pro calendar

Pattern Example

Picture lable: Example of a patterns