The goal with Conference Caller Pro is to create a generic conference dialer application that simplifies starting or joining conference calls to be a simple "one click".

Conference Caller Pro start panel Conference Caller Pro start panel

Conference Caller Pro is also integrated with Android calendar and allows you to synchronize appointments and connect automatically, by rules you define, appointment to a conference number to dial. Including reminder from where you can join a call instantly without even searching for correct phone number to dial and conference codes.

You can even send invitations to conference calls directly from the application. If your attendee also has Conference Caller Pro he will automatically get an invitation notification and he will automatically get all conference details so he does not have to enter them manually. Users not having conference caller pro will get an email from where he can respond + add to his PC calendar with attached vCal file

Application have support for creating support for other conference systems on your own and you can use when creating your conf items. You can also share your conference type definitions with other users or download a type someone else has uploaded. (InterCall pre-loaded and more available to be downloaded within the program like Cisco)

The application dials the phone number specified and when call is established it converts the input given for the selected conference to DTMF tones and sends them to the conferencing system.

You can create shortcuts to individual objects; there is also widget support that provides a bit more information of the selected conference.

Application was developed with conference calls first in mind but you could use it for any situation where you want to be able to send DTMF tones after a call is established in a automatic way. E.g. call some one that has an extension in the switchboard